Monkey Doodlez Butterflies Swim Diapers (Small)

  • Monkey Doodlez Butterflies Swim Diapers (Small)
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  • Whether you are an experienced cloth diapering mom, or just looking to be a little more “green”Ña Monkey Doodlez swim diaper is the must-have summer essential for your tot. They are worn directly against the body and are great for use in most any water environment to keep little messes in the diaper where they belong. The diaper inner is lined with a very soft polyester fabric to make sure babe is comfy during the long hours of splashing ahead. Monkey Doodlez do not absorb water, so no matter how long you play, this diaper will say fit, and trim. These swimmers meet health regulations for use in public poolsÑso slip one on and be ready for a swimming good time!

    • 88% polyester 12% polyurethane
    • elastic pull-up waist band
    • contain a layer of PUL
    • design and fabric greatly reduce the risk of pool contamination
    • very soft and comfortable layer of mesh (polyester) that act as another layer of containment without causing discomfort



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