Tidy Tots™ disposable potty chair liners

  • Tidy Tots™ disposable potty chair liners
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Finally…A mess free solution to potty training!

TidyTots™ disposable potty chair liners take the mess out of your child’s potty training experience. No more dumping or pouring your little one’s success into the toilet and then trying to clean and sanitize the potty chair for the next use. Tidy Tots™ will put an end to wiping out what is left behind and cleaning after your child’s potty training session.

Tidy Tots™ disposable potty chair liners are designed to fit in most any potty chair. Simply cover the removable bowl of your potty chair with a Tidy Tots™ plastic disposable potty liner, smooth it into place, and add a Tidy Tots ™ super-absorbent pad. The super-absorbent pad is designed to absorb more than your child can create in one sitting, so you can choose to change the liner after each use or wait for 2-3 uses. When finished, simply remove the liner from the removable potty chair bowl, pull the drawtape closure and tie it closed. Simply discard the liner just as you would dispose of a diaper.

Each carton contains 16 super absorbent pads and 16 liners. The super-absorbent pad will hold 2-3 urinations. Up to 48 uses per carton!


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