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The Zoom Spoon is an airplane spoon that is fun for everyone. The spoon captures your child’s attention making eating a fun game of opening their mouth. The mealtime experience becomes a play activity for your child making the event more enjoyable for both of you. Think about trying to feed your baby and all the crazy things you have done to entice your baby to eat. Food starts flying, kids start screaming and nothing seems to be working and you are left frustrated and tired. It is time to break out the ZOOM SPOON! The Zoom Spoon has a light in the cockpit and plays music while it flies through the air right into your baby’s mouth. This will be sure to capture your baby’s attention and make eating more exciting. If your baby is entertained, I can guarantee you will be having more fun.

Also, when you order the spoon you will receive a copy of my book ZOOM SPOON and Finicky Philip the Picky Eater. This is a clever story about a little baby boy who does not like to eat his food, but has a great time playing with it. This book and the Zoom Spoon combined together will encourage parents and other care givers to bond with the child by interaction. Not only is it making your child’s eating experience more pleasurable, it is also a tool for reading to your children. I would recommend taking five minutes before mealtime and read this cute, short book. This will get them excited about eating and there are several benefits of reading to your child. The most important benefit is the bond you form while you are reading to them. Kids love to be read to, and if you continue to read to them you will be giving them the head start they need in life.

Once meal time is over you can detach the spoon from the nose of the plane and you have a wonderful toy airplane that the kids never seem to get tired of. Isn’t it funny how kids love the simple toys. You will be happy to know that the Zoom Spoon is durable, and other than the detachable spoon, for your convenience there are no other parts for your kids to break off or loose. Put it to the test and your kids will have hours of entertainment. The older kids have fun eating with it too!


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